Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Simple Function Generator Circuit - Triangle and Square Wave Generator Circuit

The post explains how to make a function generator circuit for generating triangle waves and square waves with variable parameters and by using a single chip.
This is a downright simple design for an AF function generator that supplies a rectangular and triangular signal, and can be fed from a single 9 V supply. The signal generator proper is a Type TLC272 dual CMOS opamp from Texas Instruments. This chip is remarkable for its low current consumption and wide operating range. The circuit is essentially com- posed of two functional parts. Opamp A1 is connected to function as a Schmitt-trigger whose toggle point is set to 4.5 V, while Az is an integrator that converts the rectangular signal from A1 into a triangular waveform. The oscillation frequency of the circuit is fixed solely by the ratio R/C and can be calculated from f = Rz/4RRC. Resistor R may be replaced by the combination of the l0K resistor and l0OK potentiometer as shown to effect continuous adjustment of the output frequency within the AF signal band. The generator should not be terminated in less than 10K.

Circuit diagram for the simple function generator circuit. Triangle wave and square wave generator circuit.

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